Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 and I am in hyderabad.

Its been alomost 3 months i am in hyderabad.well..things are going on fine here...our project is going on for production in 2 days time....after 3 months of development,bug fixing,staying back late at night,finally its a fruitful project....

Starting of 2009 brings a bad story to the employees to this xXx company....the founder of this xXx company resigns due to fraud.But as time goes on there are so many "hidden skeletons in the closet" that was reveal through investigations...things started to fall on this company..many clients turn down their offer to this company for consultation,projects and so on..many are on bench now..hmm...and there are rumours saying that we will not get our salary..this makes all of us worry especially for us who comes from malaysia to work can we not worry...if we were to be in our homeland,we r secure..but now we r in get what i mean rite??hehehe

Stop!!Lets talk bout something else.. after 3 months in india..i started to miss malaysia so much..miss my family,my love,my frens,malaysia food and etc222.....damn...cant wait to go back to malaysia and be with them esp her...

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow,

Please tell 'her' I'm jealous..