Friday, February 6, 2009

Movie Trivia..

Last week on Saturday..i felt so damn bored...nothing to do in my room,i come out with an idea..the idea is to watch movie..2 movies back to back. Both of the movie is an India movie.1 movie is in english and another movie is in hindi(i watch it also coz i manage to understand hindi,not to say well,but can laa)...

1st Movie : Victory (Hindi)

This movie is a superb movie...its based on the rise and fall and rise again of yuvraj singh..the indian cricket player.i enjoyed watching this movie so much..eventhough its in hindi.i dun give a damn...after watching this movie,i realise that cricket is a very important game/sports in india.u can loose ur family/frens/love ones becoz of cricket..believe me..its the truth..for is not only a sport,its their life,family and religion.thats what i is everywher.everyday when i took an auto to come to office,i will see people around here playing roadside cricket..we love cricket!!

The soundtrack of this movie is also nice.. one of the song which is my favourite is "Balla Utha,Chakka Laga" means "Lift up the bat,Hit for Six".If u r a cricket player/supporter..this song will definitely lift up ur spirits..(macam aku main cricket pulak...) if any of u wants to watch this movie..just wait till it comes to the cinema near u(in malaysia)..but i dun think it will come ..just download from the internet/torrent or go n buy pirated dvd in masjid india lah!! tak susah pun.

2nd movie : Slumdog Millionaire

Another excellent movie from Danny Boyle...This movie is about a boy who is from slum and he become a millionaire...i cant tell u much abouth this movie...if i tell u..there will be no fun...just watct excellent movie. With 10 nomination for the Oscar...I can guarantee u..this movie is excellent.

Good Horns,Good Brakes,Good Luck!!

I just realise that it's been more than a week now since I last updated this blog. Well..was looking for idea the crap.... My topic this time is "Good Horns,Good Brakes,Good Luck!!" Why i choose this topic? well...if u r drivinng in india...u need all those 3..Let me explain why...

1.Good Horns
People in India loves to horn....Really..Horn is a part of their life..Every part in this country u go..u will hear horns here n ther n everywhere...i dunno y they love to horn..really..eventhough u r 100 metres away from their vehicle..they will still horn..haihz....sick n tired of hearing horns...the best part is that u can find a sign behind auto/bus saying that "please sound horn..ok??!!" Back in Malaysia u can find a sticker saying "Horn if u r horny!!" Wtf!!

2.Good Brakes
Good Brakes..well...if u r driving in india...u need a good brake...i duno what brand..but get a good one for ur car/bus/auto/bike/bicycle ...whatever mode of transport that is available.u really do need a to have a good brake..if not..for sure u will bang into sum1/sumthing...peeps and police here they dun care if u involve in an accident..they dun give a fuck coz they have more fucking big case like the ceo of xXx company being charge in fraud rather than accident case.If u c any accidents here in India , quickly stop your car and stand there to watch to see whether the biker died or still alive. Make sure you join the crowd, watch and talk nonesense as if you care and willing to help. Don't call an ambulance - they won't arrive in time and besides it's not that you really care. Those who won't stop their cars can always slow down and irritate the rest of the drivers behind you. You may stare at the dying victims and say " nowadays very dangerous, drivers are so careless..." and then drive away with no sense of sympathy whatsoever. You MUST do this, otherwise you are not consider a local...Lolx....

3.Good Luck
Good Luck...thats the 3rd one.Travelling to office and any part of india..u need to have good luck..Not only u but..the auto driver also need to have good luck..coz he is the 1 driving u to work...If he doesnt have any luck...u wont have any luck best thing is pray before u ride in an auto.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Common phrase use by malaysian and indian....

I manage to compile some phrase that normally used by Malaysians and are the lists :-

GoodBye - Aiyah no time talk liao baibai
Where's the toilet? - Oi kawan, where jamban?
Let's have sex - I wan rape you can ah?
Are you a hooker? - Satu malam berapa?
One Cheeseburger and a large coke - Oi TAUKEH, burger and cola kasi satu!
This food court is really cool! - Tempat makan ni best sangat!
For sure ur boss can compromise - lu punya bosss can kaw tim leh...
y leh......??

What can i do for you? - what happend,tell me?? (lol)
May I know what is your name please ? - can u tell me ur good name?
I totally agree with your idea..
No problem - No issues

I think thats for now..if u guys have any more words to be added...please tell

Stucked with my ipod...

Ipod is always there for me when i felt bored no matter where i go...I am stucked with my Ipod..Damn!! with 10k plus of songs...20 movies...its the absolute entertainment for me..

Monday, January 26, 2009

My thoughts of Hyderabad...India

where am i now??!! i am in hyderabad...times flies very fast..its almost 3 months i am here..many things happen here...i witnessed 3 main events that happend in india for the past 3 months i am here... first is the 26/11 mumbai terrorist attack. 2nd is the india cricket winning the cricket series and 3 rd is the downfall of xXx!!many things can happen in just a short time..
As the title of the blog suggest.i should share my experiance ,thoughts and live in India..But before i move on,let me intro to u about hyderabad.. "Hyderabad (pronounced /ˈhaɪdərəbɑːd/ or /ˈhaɪdrəbæd/ in English, Telugu: హైదరాబాద్ pronunciation (help·info)), previously know as Bhagya Nagaram (City Of Wealth), is the capital city and most populous city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The city of Hyderabad has grown to merge surrounding urban nodes taking its estimated population to around 9 million. The city thus has been classified as an A-1 status city joining the list of other A-1 cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.Hyderabad is known for its rich history, culture and architecture representing its unique character as a meeting point for North and South India, and also its multilingual culture, both geographically, culturally and intellectually. Also known as The City of Nizams and The City of Pearls,[1] Hyderabad is today one of the fast developing cities in the country and a modern hub of Information technology, ITES, and biotechnology. Sometimes Hyderabad is considered as the second capital of India, thanks to its geographic and strategic location in South India, where it houses the President of India's southern sojourn, the Rashtrapati Nilayam, a 150 year old heritage building.Hyderabad has become a preferred conference venue in India as well as the world, with many conferences and meetings taking place in the city. The city is home to the world's largest film studio, the Ramoji Film City as well as the second largest film industry in the country, the Telugu Film Industry known popularly as Tollywood. The city is also known to be a sporting destination with many national and international games conducted here. The people here are called Hyderabadis. The city is regarded as a blend of traditionality with modernity." (quoted from wikipedia as i am lazy to type)
Now is my version,my story.....3 months I am in india...what can i say?i experianced many things in this 3 months...good and bad..most are good things which i will cherish for the rest of my life.People are very friendly and some are very conservertive.Some found it very weird to see foreigner like me..they will look at me as if i am an alien...they will look from top to toe.which i dunno y....normally during the weekend if wana go out sumwher,i will just wear my t-shirt and a short.when i was roaming around the streets,ppl will look at me.i felt strange..for months i've been doing that without realising until 1 day i asked 1 of my gud fren here -'s the conversation between me and him in the office communicator :
Me : Hello Bhaiya
Prosenjit : Hi!! How r u?
Me : I am fine tq..I have sumthing to ask u
Prosenjit : ok..tell me
Me : Is it weird to wear a short here and walking around the streets?I felt weird as ppl are looking at me as if i am the center of attraction or wat....
Prosenjit : Dude..please dun wear shorts here as gays will wear it here.
Me : WTF!!!??Really?
Prosenjit : Yes bro..maybe there are some guys already have an eye for u as they thought that u r gay same as them...
Me : Shit!!!Lol..
Starting from that day onwards..i dare not to wear any shorts if i wana go out....damn!! I am not gay!!HahahahahThe next thing which is already "blend" into their culture is..most of the guys without any shame will love to touch their own private part eventhough in public/office/anywher..u just name iti dun understand y...????for them peeing in public is a normal thing..ther was once i was walking on the streets...i passed by a building which ther is a signboard saying "please do no pass urine here" but still..u can smell the pee.really awful...uwekkk!!!
Regarding the food issues..if u r a vege....this place is heaven on earth for u..everywher u go..there will always be vege for thing that i learn is not to eat foreign food here..u will be damn dissapointed..i went to a restaurant once.i saw a menu "tom yum" which i get very i ordered it with the hope that its the same with what i have in malaysia/ sson as the so called tom yum was served to me..i cant eat it at all....y?let me tell u.the taste is like tomato soup..u just imaginge taking the tomato sauce and put it into water and stir it on hot water...thats it!! the worst part was dat they put "wantan" inside the!! who the hell on earth cook tom yum with wantan...dissapointed... i've learnt my lesson not to order foreign food here. i enjoyed eating briyani here..indian food here is marvellous..if u r talking bout curry..they have hundreds type of curry to choose curry,green and b blaa b blaa....really a lot..u wont be dissapointed.
Transportation here in hyderabad really2 sucks especially is the same as tuk-tuk in drivers if they know that u r foreigner and dunno how to speak local language...they will hike up the price like anything.damn...u have to always fight with them..bargain...i have bad experiance bargaining with them..almost involve in fights few times..i am staying un a place call office is in kondpur...10 mins away.normally if u take an auto..they will charge u not more than 5 rupees.but...if u r foreigner they will hike up the price to 50 rupees.....damn..knowing hindi here is an advantage...just a lil bit will do to make u survive..
When i first landed here in hyderabad...i got a shocked of my life while i was travelling from rajiv gandhi international airport to begumpet.along the road i saw many ppl sleeping beside the road.starting from old man..the whole family to be exact.i felt so sad oz we living in malaysia are still lucky than them..we have house,proper food and all...some of them just only eating rubbish..sleeps on the road.speechless....
I guess everywher is the same...u have good things and bad things..the gud things in india is that people are really frenly..they are willing to terms of places to visit..dun talk bout it..loads of it..ramoji film city,chairminas..gonda fort...lots more.its a nice place to visit..thats all i can say..
My conclusion is i like this place very much....u will learnt the real meaning of life here.....i will keep on updating this blog from time to time....will post pictures for u all to c....

2009 and I am in hyderabad.

Its been alomost 3 months i am in hyderabad.well..things are going on fine here...our project is going on for production in 2 days time....after 3 months of development,bug fixing,staying back late at night,finally its a fruitful project....

Starting of 2009 brings a bad story to the employees to this xXx company....the founder of this xXx company resigns due to fraud.But as time goes on there are so many "hidden skeletons in the closet" that was reveal through investigations...things started to fall on this company..many clients turn down their offer to this company for consultation,projects and so on..many are on bench now..hmm...and there are rumours saying that we will not get our salary..this makes all of us worry especially for us who comes from malaysia to work can we not worry...if we were to be in our homeland,we r secure..but now we r in get what i mean rite??hehehe

Stop!!Lets talk bout something else.. after 3 months in india..i started to miss malaysia so much..miss my family,my love,my frens,malaysia food and etc222.....damn...cant wait to go back to malaysia and be with them esp her...

first entry... was born on today - 27th Jan 2009. the author of this bored blog is mano.he was thinking about having a blog for the past 1 year but never have one until now. this blog is not a boring blog as the author said earlier.he will try his best not to make this blog a boring siot ayat...readers are free to add in any comments..good or bad..please do so...if too bad i will delete